Checking the Authenticity of a Used Car in Australia to Keep Troubles At Bay

It’s not an unwise decision to opt for a used car instead of a new one, more so if you have only just got your licence. People also opt for a used car, when they have a migratory job in hand. It also helps if you are in a financial crunch and you still need a car in short notice.

However, the point here is, when things come down to purchasing a used car, you have to be extra cautious. You need to ensure that the company you are buying the car from, is an authentic one and the vehicle you are opting for is not stolen or acquired through some nefarious mechanism. It is indeed been sold by its previous owner authentically. Otherwise, you may find yourself in sea trouble. Now the question is, how to ensure that and be at the safe side as a used car buyer in Sydney.

Checking the history

Whenever you opt to buy a second-hand car, you need to check its history. When you go through the history thoroughly, it helps you to validate the vehicle’s ownership. The points you must check include the likes of licence plate, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) details of the car, its financial owner, and the relevant registration information. You should also check the written-off identification.

This is the best and the most plausible way of identifying the stolen cars in a hassle-free way for a used car buyer NSW. Moreover, it also includes ever detailed information of the vehicle’s owner for you to refer to. Thus, verifying whether the vehicle was stolen or wan indeed sold off in a legal way becomes clear.

Also, if the car is indeed being purchased from its previous owner in a legal way, you will find under the registration section, a declaration that states the seller of the vehicle is its legal owner. Here, the point that needs to be noted is that the registration details under the Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) check report and that included in the history of the vehicle might not be the same. The history report will reveal the actual registration details, which is mentioned in the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS).

Checking the PPSR

Just as you check the history, you need to check the PPSR, which is controlled by the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA). As PPSR would allow you to verify the financial ownership of the car as well the details of the owner, it is one of the most authentic ways for a buyer of a used car in Sydney, NSW to check if the car has been stolen or not. In case of a vehicle that has been authentically purchased from its previous owner, you will find the name of the seller on the list categorised as a debtor under the PPSR section. However, if the car is stolen in Australia, it will be listed as stolen property and naturally, no name of the owner will be there on the list.

Checking the Penalty Details

In case you face any problem while going through these two methods, you can opt for this option as well. You need to check the spare parts of the vehicle, including its engine number. If the engine number does not match the one mentioned in the report, then the vehicle is stolen….for sure!

So you see, checking the authenticity of the car is not rocket science, though there are definite methods that you must know. The safest way is to purchase a used car from a reputed company that has been doing this for long in NSW. Take, for instance, Sell My Car NSW. Once you purchase a used from us, you can be dead sure that it’s a vehicle that has been authentically purchased from its previous owner. In fact, while selling it to you we will come up with all the documents with all information and records in detail in support of our claim so that you are relieved of any skepticism whatsoever. So if you are planning to purchase a used vehicle in NSW, simply call us at 02 8974 1523 during our office hours.