Documents You Should Keep Near Your Hand While Selling Your Used Car

Even if you are selling your used car to a wrecker, you should keep all the documents so that they can prepare the paperwork for selling. Otherwise, selling your car can become problematic. Anyway, if you are in Sydney and have all the documents with you, chances are that you will not be experiencing any issues.

Let us now take a look at the documents that you need to arrange before you schedule the sale.

  • Proof of Ownership

Getting cash for your unwanted or damaged car in Sydney can sound attractive but you will only be getting the money from the wrecker if you have the ownership proof that states that you are the owner of the vehicle. If, however, you don’t have the proof of ownership, you will need to approach the necessary authorities to get another copy so that you can sell the car. Otherwise, as you might have already guessed, selling a car can become painful. However, if you have good wreckers with you, expect to get advice on how you can get a copy of the proof of ownership.

  • Ownership Transfer Form

Though you can now transfer the ownership of your vehicle online, it is best to arrange a physical copy of this document before you call the wreckers offering cash for accident cars in Sydney.

You can get this form from the local office or the website of the state registration authority.

The reason why you should keep this form is that some wreckers prefer physical copies so that they can quickly complete the paperwork and tow your car away on the same day.

  • A Receipt

You will need to issue a receipt to the used car buyer in Sydney, NSW. You need to comply with the law that makes it mandatory to issue receipts to car buyers who are paying the sellers an amount that exceeds $75. 

You can buy a receipt book easily or just write one mentioning your name, transaction date, selling price and the details of the vehicle. 

Regarding the vehicle details, you will need to include the colour, make, model, registration, and vehicle identification number. However, for safety purposes, a printed receipt works best.

  • Roadworthy Certificate

Until and unless you are selling a vehicle that is actually ‘roadworthy’, you will not need this certificate. For instance, if you are selling an accident damaged car, the wrecker will not be requiring this certificate.

  • Owner’s Manual and Service Logbook

Similar to that of the roadworthy certificate, the wreckers carrying out the accident damaged car removal service in Sydney will not be requiring the owner’s manual if your car is not in a good condition. This is because they will be mainly recycling the components. However, if your car is in a useable condition, you should keep this near your hand. That way, you can get good cash too.

By keeping these documents with you, the selling process will become convenient for you.

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