What Happens to Your Car in the Wrecking Yard After You Sell It?

After you get good cash out of your old and used car, you can consider your headache to be over. But have you ever wondered what happens to your vehicle after it is removed from your property in Sydney or any other suburb where you reside? Well, if you wish to know more about it, you have arrived at the perfect destination. Here, we will discuss the after-sale operations that the wreckers perform in the wrecking yard.

Before starting the wrecking process, the used car buyers in Sydney, NSW or any other city or suburbs will inspect your car to see whether there are hazardous materials inside. Depending on the same will they take the necessary measures since compliance with the local and national set of regulations is a must. Anyway, let us now see what is done to your car after it arrives in the wrecking yard.

  • Draining the Fluids

After providing you with the cash for your unwanted car in Sydney, or the city or suburb where you are situated, the wreckers will bring the vehicle to the wrecking yard and begin the fluid draining process.

They will do this safely because they are hazardous, and as per the laws, they cannot be dumped on the ground. However, in the process, they will also recycle some fluids such as motor oil and antifreeze.

  • Removing the Components 

The wreckers offering the unwanted car removal service in Sydney and the other cities and suburbs will remove the components such as the battery, tyres, suspension, etc. After that, they will clean and recondition them before selling them to the consumers.

  • Recycle the Components 

After separating out the components from your car, the wreckers will remove the harmful substances before selling them to the consumers. Examples include removing lead from the batteries, asphalts from the tyres, etc. After completing the same, they proceed to the final inspection procedure before crushing the car.

  • Car Shredding Process

Finally, after completing the inspection process, the wreckers providing cash for your unwanted car in Liverpool or other suburbs and cities will send the vehicle for the shredding process.

Here, special equipment will be used which will flatten the vehicle and shred it to pieces. Additionally, they will use a magnet to separate the metal which will be recycled again for either making a new car or for other purposes.

  • The Remains of the Vehicle is Disposed Of

Lastly, the wreckers offering cash for unwanted cars in Wollongong and other suburbs will dispose of the parts of your vehicle that cannot be recycled. Here too, they will do the necessary taking the necessary safety measures and complying with the rules.

So, this is what happens to your car after you sell it to the wreckers. But make sure that you choose a company that offers eco-friendly car removal to reduce carbon emissions.

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